Design: 14mt x 6mt Bob Oram designed cruising catamaran.

Built by: Bob and Sam Oram.

Launched: November  2015.

Design and building concept: Slim was designed based upon my philosophy of simple, comfortable cruising which is satisfying to sail, especially in lighter airs.

Fitted with our usual kick up rudders, single daggerboard, outboard motors, conservative rig and simple but comfortable interior, I liken Slim to a 32’ boat on 46’ hulls, and it performs as such.

This has been my personal boat since its launching in 2015 and has predominately been sailed single-handedly.

Construction: Composite Duflex, foam and plywood construction using ATL Composites epoxy resins exclusively. 

Exterior paint is all 2-pack Polyurathane. Interior is enamel, with epoxy flow coat and 2-pack Polyurathane in wet areas.

Antifouling: 98% Cuprous oxide was mixed into epoxy resin and applied below the waterline when the hulls were originally built, for a very tough substrate with high copper content antifouling.


Slim is currently being re-antifouled.

Decks are all 2-pack Polyurathane, with glass beads blended into the primary coat and then over coated.

Dimensions and General Specifications:

Length: 14mts (46’).

Beam: 6mts (20’).

Draft Rudders and Daggerboard Up: 450mm.

Draft Daggerboard Down: 2100mm.

Displacement: 3700kgs light, 5200kgs coastal cruising.

Slim has 6 airtight voids in each hull that have approximately 1.5 tons of positive buoyancy per hull. Given that most of the construction materials are positively buoyant, the boat can be said to be unsinkable.

Slim has front and back cockpits.


There are queen size bunks aft in each hull (the best place for comfort at sea), with a single forward in the starboard hull.

These are genuine queen size berths that have queen size mattresses in them.

W.C. and shower are forward in the port hull, with storage forward of that.

A small but effective galley is upstairs. Upstairs galleys are wonderful for night watches and single- handed sailing.

A very effective 170 litre household fridge/freezer is also upstairs, which is wonderful!

There is an L-shaped lounge upstairs that faces forward for excellent visibility through windows all around the cabin and front door.

Headroom in Saloon: 1825mm.

Headroom in Hulls: 1930mm. 


2 x 20 hp 4 stroke 25” leg Tohatsu outboard motors with approximately 500 hrs on them. Electronic tachos have been fitted.

Slim motors on one engine at 5 knots, using under 2 litres per hour, and on two engines at approximately 7.5 knots, using less than 4 litres per hour.

Top speed at 5200kgs displacement is over 9 knots.

Fuel capacity is 230 litres in 8 tanks, plus 1 x 10 litre and 1 x 20 litre containers for dinghy and generator fuel.

General information:

Water: 2 x 200 litre plastic tanks with another 80 litres in containers, making a total of 480 litres.

Gas: 1 x 9kg and 1 x 4.5kg gas cylinders, both stored in the aft beam.

Sails and rigging:


All sails were made by UK Halsey Sailmakers Qld. 

Mainsail: 46 square metres. Full-battened with square top, 7 fibreglass battens, and 3 reefing points on Windslyce batten cars and headboard car. 

Lazy jacks are 6mm spectra and support the weight of the boom and mainsail at any time.

22sq m jib on headsail return-style furler.

46sq m reacher that rolls up on its own luff.

It is on a dynex bridle between the bows (controlled from aft cockpit).


All sails are radial cut and in good condition.

All halyards are spectra. 


Sheets are double braid.



Mast Section is Whalespar (Sparmaster) 207 section, 14.6mts long.

Rigged as 15/16 fractional with Double diamonds and forward jumpers.

All rigging wire is oversized, compacted 1 x 19 and is 4 yrs old. Supplied by Blue Wave Australia.


Boom is 125mm alloy pipe, with ‘fence’ to support lazy jacks, and is strong and effective.


Retractable rudders are pivoted in a cassette which is held in place by a replaceable dowel. In the event of hitting a sandbank, the rudder pivots up, breaking the dowel and preventing damage to the rudder system. The boat can be steered using the twin outboard motors when the rudders are in the “up” position – this allows manoeuvring in literally knee-deep water. I have done it plenty of times.

Rudder construction is infused glass skins with S/S shafts.


Mechanical with a Whipstaff tiller in aft cockpit (with tiller extensions either side when required), driving shafts through bell cranks to rudders.


Primary: 2 x Harkin 53 self-tailing alloy.

Secondary: 2 x Arco Hutton 40 self-tailing.

Mainsheets 2 x Anderson 28 self-tailing S/S.

Halyards: 1 x Arco Hutton 40 self-tailing, 1 x Anderson 46  S/S.


House Battery: 1 x 260ah 8 cell Lithium with cell modules, BMS. Victron moniter.

Solar panels: 2 x 250watt x 24volt on saloon roof. Each panel feeds its own Victron MPPT (auto voltage) regulator. This system is wonderful. I have run my generator three times this year, twice just to make sure it started (it did)!

Generator is a 2500 watt Ozito (8 mths old).


Inverter: 1500wt x 12v-240volt Latronics.

1 x 240 volt x 40 amp battery charger (with Lithium algorithm).

1 x DC-DC X 20 amp battery charger (with Lithium algorithm) from outboard motors.

All wiring is oversized and tinned, including battery cables, with anchor winch cables, etc, to minimise voltage loss.



Autopilot: Raymarine EV1 tiller pilot.

VHF: Raymarine 49E with masthead aerial.

Plotter/Sounder: 12” ONWA Chart plotter/sounder with AIS option (not fitted).

AIS: GME receiver and splitter. Currently interfaced to Open CPN on laptop. (Note: laptop not included).


3.3m fibreglass catamaran dinghy with 9.8hp Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard.

Safety equipment:

Required Flares for coastal QLD.

406 EPIRB.

3 x 1kg Fire extinguishers.

Life ring and automatic light.

6 lifejackets and 2 harnesses are provided.

Bosun’s Chair.


Anchor Winch: Electric Maxwell 1200 watt x 12 volt.

Main anchor: Cooper 15 kg plough-type anchor 47m x 10mm chain + 50m x 18mm Nylon rode.

Second/Stern anchor: Cooper 10kg plough-type 10m x 10mm chain + 50m x 18mm nylon rode.

7 assorted fenders. 

Various 12mm mooring lines. 

Price and conditions:

Price: $269,000. Close offers considered.

Slim is situated in southern QLD waters and is available for inspection to genuine inquirers on request.

Enquiries thru the contacts and shop page within the drop down home page.

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