Can I request modifications to your plans?

Drawing sets are sold ‘as is’. Blocks of time can be purchased from me to modify plans.

However, if you are looking at structural changes to the boat, then I suggest that you look at other designs that I have, or other designers.


Major changes to designs become very expensive and from my experience, not all suggestions are feasible.


Designers spend hundreds of hours drawing a plan and thousands of hours honing their craft. What might seem like a good idea to you has probably been tried and rejected by the designer. It may be a good idea, but not workable in reality, or something that will reduce the structure and safety of the vessel.

What is your experience as a boat builder?

As you can see from the site, I have many designs under my belt (I have many more that are not on the site yet). My designs are the culmination of over 50 years of boating experience, which includes commercial shipping, barges, commercial fishing and recreational boating. Much of the time living aboard as well.


I have been designing boats professionally, making a living from this for nearly 25 yrs. Designing and building my own boats for nearly 40 yrs.


Good designers are those that have at least the above experience and then teach themselves complex engineering, and how to apply it. They then write formulas and algorithms to speed up the design process to reduce the mind numbing hours, days, weeks required to make sure the boat doesn’t break. They teach themselves how to become proficient with CAD CAM computer programs and accurate (some aren’t) plate development programs. It’s a long process and there is always more to learn.

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