Whale watching - Hervey Bay

Rainbow lightning

Pots of Gold

Slim, Jigsaw and Somewhere

(all Oram Designs) taking a rest.

Above is Mango going out through Brunswick Heads bar. August 2017.

After standing on the breakwater for ½ hr checking for sets, Paul and Mark (the new owner) decide the bar is pretty good with nothing of any size at all coming through. So back to the boat and away they go.

Then naturally,  just as they clear the breakwater, in comes a big set of 4.

Mango has a 40 hp Honda and by the 4th wave everyone of them was needed. The boat got through okay; although the boys were a bit shook up. Mango then proceeded north in calm conditions to its new base over a thousand miles north,  just south of Cairns.

Drone footage of Somewhere and Slim at Hill Inlet, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland.

If you have a photo or video of one of my designs in action that you would like to share, please email me from the Contacts page. We will share as many as we can.

So far credit and thanks go to 'Willsy', Alan and Tania 'Somewhere', Bryan and Rowy 'Schools Out', Bill and Gene 'Out Of the Bag' and Paul ex 'Mango'.

Credit and thanks also go to Art Malak for putting the whole thing together.

Cheers Bob.

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