Another designer has written that designs of an equivalent size and displacement will cost the same and take the same amount of time to build.

This is obviously wrong and you would have to question the motive behind such a statement.

There are plenty of variables that can increase or decrease the cost of a boat, they include;

1. Complexity of structure.

A one off carbon composite cored structure with hundreds of individual components in an expensive kit is obviously going to cost considerably more (up to 4 or 5  times more)  than a simple build that concentrates on using sensible, fit for purpose composite components to create  a very stiff, strong structure that will have meaningful longevity and usually built in less time. 

2. Simplicity of deck layout.

A simple deck layout sounds good but it has to work properly for everyone that is to sail the boat, not just some grunt that is going to use brute force on a winch that is too small for a smaller, older or younger person (partner, parents, children) to have the same outcome safely.

Yet the deck layout should not be so complex that it becomes a maintenance and repair nightmare.

I can’t count the number of times I have heard of boats stuck in some port disabled and waiting for parts. 

3. Level of fit-out.

Spartan, simple yet comfortable and luxurious


I prefer somewhere between Spartan and simple yet comfortable.


I would rather have a few quality fitments that will seriously last, with absolutely minimal maintenance and utmost reliability than a boat full of gadgetry that requires eternal maintenance and stuffs the day, when it fails because you have developed a dependency on it.

Luxurious? Well an occasional visit is enough to remind me just how much time and money went into it, and I never did have an emotional dependency on luxury. 


The old adage is true, Keep it simple!

It is also true that the simpler the boat the further it is sailed, the longer it is cruised and the longer it is owned.

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