This is a range of new sailing designs still under development. There is a 12R version, however this is under development so there are no finalised views to show (yet).

These designs will offer alternative building options including the use of a true composite plywood structure.


Most genuine engineers acknowledge that plywood when used with modern epoxys and reinforcements is a very viable structural alternative to other considerably more expensive and time consuming composite options.


I am starting to see a shift in opinion regarding the old blanket prejudice against plywood boats. Good surveyors now have greater experience and electronic moisture metres to establish the condition of plywood/timber structures. They are also using them on older and production GRP boats as well. Usually because of osmosis or moisture ingress through older style resins fracturing, allowing moisture into foam and plastic cored structures. With the usage of good epoxys over the last 30 years and a increase in easily accessible knowledge (Gougeons Boat building book etc).


Organically cored boats are now being treated as structurally viable long term options. I personally think there is no other way to achieve a very stiff, strong, relatively straightforward to build and reasonably inexpensive boat.

Foam as a core is a more expensive option that requires greater reinforcement to match the properties of organic cores. It does have good insulation properties so has a logical use in cabins.

For use in flat decks [which all decks should be] it really does require more reinforcement.

I personally see no useful place to use the plastic cores if thinking of long term structural stability and stiffness.

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