Concepts is the page where I either put up new designs that are pending, or quirky idea's that may progress further.

I have always loved the Bolger Sneakeasy power boat.​ Fans of the design will understand instantly the attraction.


Undoubtedly like others I have thought of doing a larger version by simply scaling it up.​ I would like to get a bit better than camping accommodation onto the boat. This would require an increase in sheer height and beam, and perhaps V up the bow sections for a slightly smoother ride in a chop. The increases would have to be very subtle if the fundamental attraction wasn't lost in trying to 'improve' the boat.


I have a suspicion that the boat would simply become too big and the delight of its simplicity would be lost.


It is a conundrum, and I am very aware that to alter a classic of Mr Bolgers is bordering on arrogance.

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