The 8’ catamaran dinghy is built in ply and epoxy. Maximum power is a 4hp 2 stroke. With oars, motor and safety gear it will weigh between 70 and 90 kgs.

It is a very stable little boat.

Skill level to build is not great but some basic wood working knowledge and skill with basic power tools is required.

They are all built in the stitch and glue method using copper wire or thin cable ties to stitch the panels together.


After filleting and taping the inside, fitting the bulkheads and seats (to keep it dimensionally stable), the outside ties are simply ground off, bogged and taped. Trying to pull 200 ties out of set epoxy is just silliness.


A single set of dinghy drawings are included in the plans cost if purchasing any other design.

Others have said and I agree, if you’re considering building one of the larger boats then building a dinghy is a good way to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts of simple boat building. That is, you won’t be a complete novice when you start your larger project.

Below is a photo of the first 8’ cat Dinghy that I built in 2004.

Now normally you would expect a photo of the boat in pristine condition with bright and shiny everything and a lovely sunset behind it la la la.


Nope, this is a photo of the dinghy after13 yrs of endless use and abuse as a tender, a fishing boat, laying out stern anchors,  party boat and learning tool for kids from infancy to early teens.

It was origanally powerd with a 2.5hp mercury 2 stroke and with my svelte 90+ kgs in it did between 8 and 10 kts.

It has been extended by about 500mm so they could put a 5 hp 4 stroke on it.


Err, we did have 4 adults and a 10 yr old in it to go ashore once (about 200 mts). It was safe enough in calm water but 3 would be enough normally.


It was helping to push a big ferro boat off a sand bar when it got dragged under and stove in one side. It was retrieved and is now being rebuilt as the tender for Paul’s next boat.

I think Hercules is the appropriate name for it.

8' Catamaran Dinghy


L.O.A.: 2.4 mts (8')

BEAM: 1.22 mts (4')

DISP: 70-90 kgs with motor, oars, etc., 305 kgs (max.) 


1 x 4 hp 2 stroke outboard

1 x 2 hp 4 stroke outboard

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