The 7.3mt Power Catamaran was designed originally about 5 yrs ago but was never advertised because I decide to have some time off.


The boat can be built either using a Duflex kit (the Lake Macquarie boat is being built using this method) for the fastest,  lightest and stiffest build.

The third boat, being built on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is also being built from a Duflex kit and is well underway, with both hulls built, nacelle started all in 3 weeks.

Other build material options include foam and/or plywood for a slight reduction costs but at an increase in weight, time to build, labour etc.


Please remember, built weight stays with the boat forever, your motor/fuel is always pushing it around. Your car is always pulling it around. You may need to go to a 2 axle trailer. When you consider all of this, it is cheaper and logical to build the lightest, strongest version up front.  Anyway you can always leave your boyfriend or girlfriend at home!


This design is getting a lot of interest now as an achievable and affordable option for  people with varying requirements;

- inexpensive first boat,

- that once in a lifetime boat building experience ("I'm going to build a boat one day"),

- downsizing to a boat that can be stored at home, yet can be towed just about anywhere and used as a caravan while on the road. Capable of exploring the coasts of this astounding country, including, the reefs, islands, etc.

Then next year it can be taken to the Murray for a long exploration of that fascinating waterway for weeks at a time.

Then the boat is simply taken home and stored in the backyard, all on a single axle trailer.

Sounds good to me!


We met Peter and Denise on their 6mt Jarcat, (wonderful boats, Jarcats) in the Whitsundays this year. Very interesting people and just reinforced that small boat cruising is very, very satisfying.


For use on just about any coastline.

  • Power is up to 60Hp which will give up to 25 kts depending on weight and propeller.

  • Economical cruise will be around 16/18 kts.

  • If 2 engines are required (why!) then it is limited to 2 x 30hp.

  • A single 30hp will give 18 kts WOT and cruise all day at 14 kts.

  • For redundancy a small long shaft 2 stroke is adequate.


The boat can be built at 3.5 mts wide and 8 mts long if required.

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