There have been 2 of the 60C built.

These boats make a very comfortable and fast offshore sailing boat that can make big daily passages in comfort.


They can carry a range of tenders to transport and entertain all the family and crew.


The prints below show a simple twin cockpit version. The forward cockpit is wonderful to use and I simply couldn't have a boat without one. This version is the quickest and least expensive to build.  It will also be the fastest.


The raised helm version as shown in 'Drumbeat' is a heavier boat with a greater level of sophistication both in sail handling systems and fitout. It sails very well and was the fastest boat in the Whitsundays for years (if it still isn't) and there are some pretty impressive boats based up there. Drumbeat has cruised the Western  Pacific on a number of occasions and has made some very quick passages.


Twin cockpit cruising catamaran


L.O.A.: 18.3 mts

BEAM: 8.0 mts

DISP: 16,450 kgs (max.) 


    155 sq. mts (Main & self tacking jib)

    190 sq. mts (Main & Reacher)


    Water:500 lts (with desalinater)

    Fuel: 500 lts

ENGINE: 2 x 50 hp


    Saloon: 2.00 mts

    Hulls: 2.10 mts


    Power: 13 knots max, 9 knots continous

    Sail: 8 - 20+ knots

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