Early communique with first owner.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for that.

The logical dimensions at this stage seem to be ;

LOA         just under 15 mts

BOA        around  7.5 mts

DISPL     9000 KGS

S. A.         120 sq mts

This beam is just on the edge where we can still realistically use E glass in the chainplates and mast flanges, to use carbon will add about $6-8,000 and save 13 kgs.

This displacement will be plenty and will allow enough for reasonable toys (dive gear, compressor, genset, decent dinghy, sailing dinghy and kayaks etc) and plenty of fuel and water.

The boat has 120 sq mts of working sail area (main and 105 % jib) and a 70/80 sq mt reacher will give a performance figure only a little less than the 48C (and the 48C hangs with a very good 44C).

Because of the length restriction's the hull beam / length ratio is up a little but I'm not concerned as it will still be a surprisingly quick boat especially if sailed light. Yet it has the luxury of being able to carry some weight if and when needed.

The structural scantlings are greater and this will increase the costs but it will still be reasonable.

The hull beam is 200mm wider than the 48C but at this stage I have left the hull depth the same at 2.1 mts (less floors, this gives headroom max in the hulls at around 1975mm or 6' 6") but it could go higher depending on the headroom required over the front and back bunks. (The higher the hulls the greater the windage ,and windage is just a bloody killer.)

The hull volume is huge and when you build the first hull you will be staggered at the size. These hulls are 120mm wider than Davids 60C, 50mm deeper and 80mm wider than the 75C we did in 2000.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.

The boat will have more windage so will require some good anchoring gear and when berthing in big breezes will need good handling.

I'm hoping to keep the rig height under 19 mts if possible.

All up it will be a very comfortable and roomy cruising boat that will still outperform most others and any production monster.

The under water shape is the basis of all our boats and they have proven to be very slippery and the quickest of all the supposed 'kit' boats to build.


L.O.A.: 14.9 mts

BEAM: 7.6 mts

DISP: 8497 kgs (max.) 

S.A.: 125 sq. mts (Main & No. 2)


    2 x 25 hp outboard

    2 x 36 hp diesel shaft drive

WATER: 600 lts 

FUEL: 400 lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 1.95 mts max.

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