After the success of the 44C I had various enquiries for a boat a little bit bigger than the 44C yet didn’t cost monstrously more.

The wish list included;

  • A bit more headroom, now 2.05m (6’ 8”) in most places, and a slightly bigger payload.

  • ​and I wanted to be able to power it with the same engines and have close enough to the same rig, winches and deck hardware as the 44C.

I’m relying on the waterline length and slightly finer hulls to maintain the performance level all my owners are familiar with.

Naturally the added length and slight increase in beam will give a smoother motion at sea.


As we put more boats together we discover faster, lighter and less expensive ways of building our boats.


So the 48C has a slightly different assembly method with less components in the kit.


The cabin is now supplied as part of the kit and is built in 2 halves on the floor.


All the fairing is done down hand and the finished halves are joined together on the boat.


As usual there is a lot of flexibility in the layouts and they include Galley up or down and twin cockpit or aft cockpit only. 


These improvements have made the boat even more feasible for dedicated amateurs to put together a very comfortable, safe and fast boat for a very reasonable outlay in time and money.


Cruising Catamaran

L.O.A.: 14.9 mts

BEAM: 6.9 mts

DISP: 6800 kgs (max.) 

S.A.: 93 sq. mts (Main & No. 2)


    2 x 25 hp outboard

    2 x 29 hp diesel shaft drive

WATER: 300 lts plus Watermaker 

FUEL: 300 lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 2.08 mts max.


Construction Drawings


Material Costs

(painted boat, no rig, no deck gear, no motors)


Fit-out costs - Spartan


Fit-out costs - Simple yet comfortable


Fit-out costs - Luxurious


Construction time

6,500hrs to 9,500hrs


Plus labour, rent, utilities and launching costs.

Our kits are considerably less expensive (usually about half the cost) than any of the molded component kit boats and experience has shown that the man-hours to build are the same if not actually less than some of the molded boats.


The engine options are:

2 x 25 hp Yamaha high thrust 4 stroke outboards motors or 2 x 21/29hp Nanni diesel shaft drives.


While saildrives are easier to fit, they limit the beaching ability of the boat and if you don’t have a catamaran that you can beach whenever you feel like it then you are simply missing out on so many of the advantages of cruising on a cat.


The first 48C was started in Malaysia in April 2010 by a very experienced cruising and racing couple. Phil is an excellent monohull designer in his own right yet chose one of our designs because he couldn’t see the sense in redesigning the wheel.


The boat was started after the kit was sent from Australia in early May 2010.


With the boat kit also went the mast and rigging (as a kit) the hydraulic steering, the forebeam, sails, furlers and plenty of other stuff, all in the one 20’ container (it was very full!).


The hulls were right side up, partially bogged, faired and coppered to the waterline, ready for joining after 19 days by 2 people who are enjoying the wisdom of being older than 55 shall we say.


As said previously, Phil the owner, has an advantage over other builders in that he is probably one of the most experienced composite boat builders in the world so therefore knows were to spend time and were not to. In fact I doubt there are many in the world who could put a boat together quicker than Phil. Don't bother asking, he is now semi retired, I've already tried.


After 5 months the boat was joined together, forebeam and catwalk fitted, the cabin on, most of the interior in place and a lot of the bogging and fairing completed.


By December most of the plumbing and wiring was in, the galley was nearly complete, the rig had been assembled, the rudders and daggerboards built and fitted. Downstairs had been finish painted back to the mast beam.

The outside had been faired and undercoated, waiting for topcoat. The dinghy davits and solar panel frame was in place.


Phil and Fay launched their boat in March after an 11-month build time.


This an astonishingly quick build time and is a reflection on Phil’s vast experience, their dedication and shows what can happen when a committed couple combine to get a project done.


They were very happy with the boat and spent the rest of the year cruising around Asia before heading west the following year.

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