The 45R is a slightly bigger version of the 44C but with enough differences to warrant its own identity.


Apart from the obvious reverse bows this completely new design has more displacement to allow for alternative build materials, including marine plywood in sensible places.


The hulls are slightly wider and higher so the big blokes have plenty of room downstairs.


The rig is only slightly bigger as these boats are already fast enough.


The layout shown (including the front cockpit) has been drawn for an enthusiastic (and patient) couple with 2 children from the state of Louisiana in the U.S.A. 

Other layouts are available.


This boat will be built in infused foam, epoxy and eglass.


All the panels, bulkhead and beams, for the complete boat including cabin and deck will be built on a simple flat table with no complex and time consuming moulds to add to the build expense.


The panels etc. will be built this year as the day job allows (This man has an interesting day job). Assembling the boat will start in early 2019.


I expect to visit the U.S. to be onsite as the hulls go together. I know this will be an exciting time.


14mt fast cruising catamaran

L.O.A.: 13.8 mts

BEAM: 6.8 mts

DISP: 5965 kgs (max.) 

S.A.: 92 sq. mts (Main & Headsail)

          112 sq. mts (Main & Headsail)


    2 x 20/25 hp 4 stroke outboard

    2 x 21/29 hp diesel shaft drive

WATER: 400 lts 

FUEL: 200 lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 2.10 mts max.


Construction Drawings


Material Costs (No kit - painted boat, no rig, no deck gear)


Material Costs (Duflex kit - painted boat, no rig, no deck gear)


Fit-out costs - Spartan


Fit-out costs - Simple yet comfortable


Fit-out costs - Luxurious


Construction time

5,500hrs to 7,500hrs

Plus labour, rent, utilities and launching costs.

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