The 44C is our most popular design with 14 sets of plans sold.


This boat seems to fit most cruisers requirements for a fast, comfortable ocean cruiser.

‘Out of the Bag’ (OOTB) our most travelled 44C has something like 40,000 miles up. It is currently in New Zealand on its way back to Australia after a circumnavigation. With a trip down the ICW in the USA included. (Below is a photo of OOTB motoring past the Statue of Liberty. I think this is quite an achievement.) (See a September 2017 update at the bottom of this page.)


Some of the daily averages racked up by this boat are bordering on astonishing (see below) with Bill and Gene only (older, but very experienced sailors) on board.


Here is some of our correspondence;


“We sailed from Chagos to Rodriguez 1050 miles in 4 days 8 hours in very rough conditions blowing 28-30 knots right on the nose with waves and spray regularly going over the top. Still a record for this passage, so I believe. Believe it or not it was not too uncomfortable - the faster OOTB goes, the better she seems to ride.

Next we sailed Rodriguez to Mauritius 348 miles in 30 hours which was dead downwind with two reefs, again wind around 25-30 knot mark.

Off the coast of Madagascar we encountered waves to 5 metres and were regularly sitting on 19-20 knots. Great beam reaching, running and surfing. Gene made me slow down as there were heaps of whales around and she was frightened of hitting one. Wind strength 20-25 knots.

There are plenty more extended passages where we averaged in excess of 12 knots but I'll leave that for your website update. There was one 7 day period from Panama to Marquesses where we sailed 1501 miles in 7-days......and so on.”


I have had a lifetime of experience in commercial fishing, barges, boat building and repairs, and at 62 yrs old still have a very healthy respect for organic cores (balsa, cedar, plywood) and exclusively epoxy resins to maximize stiffness (which leads to structural longevity) for the least weight: and nearly always for the least construction dollar, if doing genuine dollar per stiffness calculations.


When organic cores fail, it is always through a building, maintenance or engineering fault (Thinking about it, you could say the same for any structure, qué.)


I have very good friends that have done some of the best infused 50’ catamaran structures around. Using solid (infused) laminates (simply amazing stiffness) and (infused) foam core  with outstanding results. But the labour, setup costs and time involved is huge and the dedication required is mind numbing.


All our 44C owners love their boats. ‘Simples’.

44C (Front Cockpit)

13.4mt fast cruising catamaran

L.O.A.: 13.4 mts

BEAM: 6.4 mts

DISP: 5200 kgs (max.) 

S.A.: 88 sq. mts (Main & No. 2)


    2 x 20 hp 4 stroke outboard

    2 x 21 hp diesel shaft drive

WATER: 400 lts 

FUEL: 200 lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 1.92 mts max.


Construction Drawings


Material Costs

(painted boat, no rig, no deck gear, no motors)


Fit-out costs - Spartan


Fit-out costs - Simple yet comfortable


Fit-out costs - Luxurious


Construction time

4,500hrs to 5,750hrs


Plus labour, rent, utilities and launching costs.

These are genuine costing from 13 of the 44C builds using DuFlex kits.

‘Out of the Bag’ (OOTB) home after 10 years.


Copied verbatim except phone number, (that’s their  business, not yours).

" Hi Bob,

Tried to phone you yesterday but your old number does not answer. What's your new contact details? Our new phone number is ----------, what's yours?


Just to let you know that Out of the Bag returned to Australia, at Bundaberg, after 10 years circumnavigating the globe.


At 2100 on 19th September, 2017, we crossed over our original northward route-track set when taking OOTB from Mooloolaba to Darwin before heading offshore.


Bob, OOTB is a credit to your design capabilities. In a round-the-world trip of any kind, one encounters all sorts of weather and sea conditions, from dead calm to full gales and storms. Not once did OOTB falter in any of those conditions. Even in the worst of those gales and storms when other boats around us, including Catanas, Mavericks and Crowthers, started to have structural failures, Out of the Bag held together. After completion of OOTB's  circumnavigation, no structural damage of any kind is evident. What a fantastic boat!


And perform too! That she does splendidly, winning just about every race series she was entered in and certainly featuring in podium finishes in every one of those races.


And of course, let's talk about fast comfortable cruising. You are already aware of many of the quick passages achieved by OOTB as she crossed the great oceans of the world. Crewed only by  Gene and I, sometimes just by me, OOTB proved very easy to handle with minimal fuss, easily steered almost everywhere by autopilot. Her final passage of the circumnavigation was 1,000 miles from Port Vila, Vanuatu, to Bundaberg completed in 5 days 5 hours with three reefs in the main all the way(due to a tear above the second reef). How good is a boat like that?! Other people can't believe how fast OOTB is!


Ok, once again thanks for designing a great boat which has proven to exceede all our initial expectations. To summarise how Gene and I feel about Out Of The Bag, Gene often say when we are cruising at 12 knots plus: "I just love this amazing boat."


Give us a call.


Beers and cheers,

Bill "


Firstly, I am simply humbled by this un-asked for testament to the boats performance, longevity and overall success. It is a verification and validation of  my design, structural and performance beliefs. (We actually use heavier materials than most the others, hence the longevity). 


Neil Bochow must be credited for building a good boat. ATL Composites must also be credited for most of the materials the boat is constructed from.

Oh and just for all the critics. OOTB has the following;

A rotating mast.

A single daggerboard (and no one gets past them to windward).

A pair of 20hp outboards.


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