The 39C was designed as a slightly smaller version of the 44C.


It is quicker, less expensive and easier to build than the 44C that it was derived from.


It is also smaller inside although not as much as you would think. 5 sets of drawings have been sold with 4 built.

My personal favourite is “Lazybones” owned and built by Tim and Cheryl. They have done an excellent job and are very happy with its sailing performance and abilities.


They had previously built a 31’ Farrier tri. Tim built the 39C in less time than the Farrier despite it having at least 3 times the volume. The tri is a little quicker in light airs but once the breeze gets up the 39C is generally faster especially if at sea for any length of time and with all cruising stores onboard.


Like most of our boats the layouts are flexible with one of only many that are available shown.


They include a fore and aft cockpit version with galley down.


A motor sailor version with a very simple and inexpensive rig is also available.


L.O.A.: 11.9 mts

BEAM: 6.2 mts

DISP: 4862 kgs (max.) 

S.A.: 71 sq. mts (Main & No. 2)

ENGINE: 2 x 20 hp 4 stroke outboard

WATER: 400 lts 

FUEL: 150 lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 1.92 mts max.


Construction Drawings


Material Costs

(painted boat, no rig, no deck gear)


Fit-out costs - Spartan


Fit-out costs - Simple yet comfortable


Fit-out costs - Luxurious


Construction time

4,250hrs to 5,500hrs


Plus labour, rent, utilities and launching costs.

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