I had an enquiry from New Zealand (where they know a little about boats) for a 30-ish foot sailing cat for cruising in N.Z. waters for a few weeks at a time with up to 4 friends.


As we explored options and because Greg is 6’2” the boat grew a little and became what is shown.


The rig will appear a little conservative to some but the reacher will add the extra power required for lighter air sailing.


Our reacher on ‘Slim’ is a wonderful sail that definitely adds that sparkle to sailing in lighter airs, especially if you can get the apparent forward of the beam.


It can be on a fixed or gybing  pole or on a bridle like ours. There are advantages to both.


The layout is our normal 2 queen size berths aft where the motion is least and there is no bridge deck slapping.


The layout in the starboard hull is a queen size bunk aft, galley in the middle and single forward.


The port hull has another queen size bunk aft with a big shower and W.C. area forward.


Upstairs there is an L shaped settee that is over 2 mts long which is used as a sea berth for short handed over night sailing or an extra berth for an added guest.


There is a servery from the galley up to the saloon.


Access forward to the front cockpit is thru a door in the front of the cabin. Ducking is required but remember it is a 32’ boat. I don’t think there is another design out there that has a front cockpit in a 32’ footer.


Construction can be in a foam of Balsa cored Duflex kit which saves time and build complexity.


Other build options are;

     - All foam with infused panels or plywood with foam cabin and decks.

     - All build options use eglass reinforcements and epoxy resins.


A single 20/30hp 4 stroke outboard motor is more than adequate and simpler to fit than any other option. Diesels are not an option in this design.


The boat can be built for a sensible and affordable cost (especially if using the plywood build option) in reasonable time.


The boat can be launched and happily used with a very simple fit-out that can be added to as the budget allows or as the cruising area expands. For instance: there is no need to fit water tanks and plumbing for a boat that is going to be used for week at a time, 4 times a year. 10 lt. water containers will more than suffice.


While a toilet is nice, a porta-potty will do the job as well.


Deck hardware is simple to make. I can supply drawings for the following;

     - Composite cleats so no bolts or deck leaks.

     - Composite hinges, again no bolts or deck leaks.

     - Composite hatches, again blah, blah, blah.


Deck blocks in 3 sizes that come out at about 3 times less in cost.


Booms that are about 70% cheaper.


I also supply various dinghy drawing’s with my designs, they include an efficient rowing dinghy to keep you fit and save the price and weight of a tender outboard. Or a catamaran dinghy if you need the stability.

The bigger designs can have one of each. 

While it may be nice ? to have everything that opens and shuts, I know there is a pleasure derived from keeping things as simple as possible, and it’s not as if you are busy doing something else!



L.O.A.: 9.95 mts

BEAM: 6.4 mts

DISP: 3600 kgs

S.A.: 54 sq. mts (Main & Jib)

          72 sq. mts (Main & Reacher)


    1 x 20/30 hp

WATER: 300 lts 

FUEL: 100 lts

HEADROOM IN HULL: 1.94 mts max.

HEADROOM IN SALOON: 1.85 mts max.

32R - Construction Estimates

Construction Drawings:                                                           $5,000

Material Costs:

Plywood/foam build option:                                                     $28-$32,000

Infused foam build option:                                                       N.A.

DuFLEX kit build option:                                                         N.A.

These above estimates are for a painted boat only.

Fit-out costs, including: rig, deck gear, interior fit-out, simple electronics and motor.

Fit-out costs - Spartan                                                           $55,000

Fit-out costs - Simple yet comfortable                               $68,000


Construction time 2,000 hrs to 3,500 hrs depending on building method and experience. Plus labour, rent, utilities and launching costs.

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