I doubt anyone will ever build one of these. Just too ‘out there’ for most.


It is probably the epitome of the maximum offshore cruising footprint for the least amount of money possible, (well except perhaps for a Proa).


With a pair of shaft drive 60hp diesel motors, top speed will be around 16/17 kts. It’ll cruise to Noumea from Australia in about 65 hrs using a bit under 900 lts of fuel, cruising along at around 13/14 kts. 


The layout is flexible with 4 doubles shown in the pod. There can be further bunks and amenities down in the hulls if required.


The boat will float in less than 800mm of water, with protection for the propellers and rudders. It can dry out wherever the bottom is friendly, to do little jobs as required.

For added economy and a bit less noise (there isn’t going to be much anyway) on serious long distance passages it would be sensible to have a small rig to hang the biggest spinnaker possible from.


I met a fellow in Adelaide a long time ago who had built himself a 35’ motor boat. He told me how he would motor out into the Great Australian Bight for a hundred or so miles when the weather was good, shut down the motors and just drift, doing absolutely nothing for as long as the weather was friendly.


He would hope to see, or at night time ‘hear’ whales in the season. I’m not sure if he ever saw a Blue whale!


Can you just imagine hearing a Blue whale have a breath 20 mts away at midnight on a calm moonlit night. It would probably be the most momentous natural event ever to happen to a person (despite having to go and change your undies).


About 35 years ago I was helping deliver a terribly slow John Hannah 33’ x 10 ton sloop from Geraldton to Broome (on the Western Australian coast) when, during the middle of my night watch a whale surfaced beside us, had a nice sneeze, a big breath then cruised away with a chuckle, knowing full well that the silly bugger half asleep on watch was going to have to go change the afore mentioned undies.




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