Pearl Bay is 50ish miles north of Great Keppel Island (lovely place, especially Long beach).

It is a smaller bay that is protected from the S.E. and is one of the prettiest bays on the coast. Care has to be taken coming in from the north to avoid a reef that extends west from the island.

At 16mts this boat has greater accomodations and more flexibility with the layout.


Diesels up to 100hp can be used but a pair of 50hp motors is more than enough for most long term cruising.


A waist height flybridge can be incorporated into the cockpit.


Full flybridges increase windage by a huge amount, they also add a considerable amount to the weight and expense of the boat. Unless extra expense is incurred with cockpit based engine controls one is always required to have crew to come alongside.

Boats of this size have the luxury of multiple tenders. One of which could even be a small off the beach sailing catamaran. Nothing entertains a child/youth better than their own water transport.

16mt - Pearl Bay

(twin cockpit version available)

L.O.A.: 16 mts

BEAM: 7.2 mts

DISP: 8200 kgs (max) 

ENGINE: 2 x 40/120 hp diesels

WATER: 300 lts plus Watermaker 

FUEL: 600 Lts


HEADROOM IN HULLS: 2.05 mts max

Available with headsail only rig.

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