Our boat Slim is along the style of the new 14R’s. Although the top sheer panel will continue to the bows on the later ones.


A smallish boat in volume with what appears a very conservative rig at 14.5 mts.


Having cruised in company now with 2 of our quicker 44C’s ‘Schools Out’ and ‘Somewhere’ from Southern Queensland down to Sydney and back, and for 4 months cruising north last year it appears the boat has isn't much slower, and the 44C is known as a quick boat. Especially 'Out of the bag'  'Somewhere' and 'Schools Out' [they are well sailed]. I don’t bother with a spinnaker as our reacher is on a bridle and is easy to use. In the very light winds we are then at a disadvantage but I can easily live with it [although in the super light stuff I'm tempted].

Like the 12R and 16R it is built in Balsa, Foam or plywood composite and epoxy panels.

Slim has front and rear cockpits and as I have said repeatedly I simply wouldn’t be without the front cockpit.

Spending a day on a boat with a front cockpit isn't really enough to form a valid opinion on their merits.

Our front cockpit boats are more accurately described as twin cockpit boats. The aft cockpit is the same size as an 'ordinary' aft cockpit boat. The front cockpit takes space from one of the bridgedeck bunks forward of the mast. On the smaller boats there is usually a WC and shower in this area so it is no loss.


We wore some ugly breaking seas exiting Port Stevens which saw the bows completely under and white water back to the sheet winches 500 mm deep and 10mts back from the bows. The front cockpit had maybe 50mm of water in it that drained out in 20 seconds.

14R - Slim (Twin Cockpit)

13.4mt fast cruising catamaran

L.O.A.: 14 mts

BEAM: 6.0 mts

DISP: 4800 Kgs (max.) 

RIG: Sloop rig

MAIN: 46 sq. mts

HEADSAIL: 24 sq. mts


WATER BALLASTED: (variable) 

ENGINE: 2 x 20 hp 4 stroke outboard

WATER: 400 lts 

FUEL: 200 lts

RANGE (under power):

    360 miles @ 8 knots

    480 miles @ 6 knots

4,500 hours and $AU160k if kept very simple.

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