A nice, sensible couple with a 40’ diesel displacement cruiser contacted me after seeing my 40’ Cape Don Power cat design on the website. I sent them some information on that particular design and, just as a matter of interest also some preliminary drawings I had done on a 9mt Pod Power Cat that I am considering for myself. (In 2009 I had converted my 8mt power tri into a 12mt Pod Power Cat. O.F.D. or ‘un bel di’ (if you speaka da language) is a raging success and I was a bloody idiot for selling it. O.F.D.  is on its third owners and they speak very highly of it, as do most other very experienced people that have travelled aboard).

One of their wishes was for a ‘lifetime’ boat. So it had to be very simple to operate ie, no complex mechanical, electrical or refrigeration systems. They have also understood that light weight was a necessity as time goes on. Light weight, not only with the boat but all it’s fixtures and fittings. Having the ability to just get off and push the boat around in 300mm of water comes as a bit of a revelation.

This 12mt version is what has evolved as we have discussed their requirements. The boat can be built in 3 separate pieces in an affordable shed or under a tent at a normal house (be nice and considerate to the neighbours) and taken to a hardstand for a week to assemble and for fitting the motors.

One of our sailing catamaran owners has expressed an interest in building one. (He’ll probably build it in a week and a half he’s so quick.)

To me it seems like the logical progression for bigger boat owners who still want the big footprint for comfort at sea, when exploring all the remote places but with none of the huge complexity, expense, grief, etc that heavier boats have.



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