If the smaller version of this dinghy is called HERCULES then this one has to be called SAMSON.


Tenders are the hardest working and most neglected part of a cruising boat.


They are always going to be a compromise.


Like most tenders these can have a small, easy to set up rig on them but don’t expect miracles.


If you want a good sailing dinghy, build the 11’ monohull dinghy with a windsurfer rig in it, or the 14’ monohull dinghy; although it is orientated more towards rowing than sailing.


Unless silly heavy, most easily driven dinghy’s do around the same speed with the same horsepower, including catamaran dinghy’s.


The big foam fender around the side is for added buoyancy as well as protection.


You can't have too much bouyancy in a tender.


If your tender doesn't have good fendering, don't visit othe boats.


If the proverbial hits the proverbial then this is the dinghy to be in to push other boats away or around.

12' Catamaran Dinghy


L.O.A.: 3.7 mts (12')

BEAM: 1.5 mts (4' 11")

DISP: 400 kgs gross 

POWER: 5/15 hp (40 kgs max.)


Option 1.

   Infused foam/ eglass/ epoxy

Option 2.

   Plywood/ eglass/ epoxy

Designed as a functional tender for a cruising catamaran.

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